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Lanarkshire Counselling Services 

Liber8 Lanarkshire is a grassroots counselling and support organisation. We provide a wide range of community-based services and counselling services to adults and young people throughout Lanarkshire. Our reputation has been established over 18 years of working with individuals, groups and families requiring support in their recovery from poor mental health, alcohol misuse or substance use. We have worked extensively within the public, voluntary, and private sectors throughout Lanarkshire, and have developed links with all the key agencies and services to support those struggling with mental health. 

From the beginning, we set out to offer services that were tailored to target specific groups, focusing on individuals, families and communities struggling to cope within those sectors. We continue to follow this ethos. Today, our primary focus is to offer therapeutic interventions, including Person-Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. In addition to psychotherapy services, we also provide psychological and psychosocial interventions. 
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Our Services
We base our vision and continued beliefs on the enduring fundamentals of service provision: 

  • Open access available to everyone.
  • Choice for everyone using our services.
  • The improvement of the health and wellbeing for all.
  • Quality assurance and providing the best quality service to those most in need. 

Quality Assurance  

Liber8 has been an organisational member of Scotland’s Professional Body for Counselling and Psychotherapy (COSCA) since 2004 and fully adhere to the ethics and code of practice of this national governing body.

Furthermore, Liber8 has been awarded COSCA's Certificate of Recognition for 14 years, a nationally recognised award for Counselling in Scotland forms part of COSCA’s quality assurance framework. This award recognises and endorses good practice within counselling, psychotherapy and counselling skills organisations in Scotland. 
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Quality Assurance

Where to Find Us

Blantyre Base,
Liber8 (Lanarkshire) Ltd.,
1-3 Station Road, Blantyre,
South Lanarkshire, G72 9AA

01698 533 035